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Car Problems

Fixing your car?


Fixing your car and is it worth it?

Because our kids and our family members are dear to us we all want to make sure our car is safe and road worthy.

When our cars break down, most of the time the only thing that's on our mind is fixing it as soon as possible to get back on the road. We all have busy lives and schedules and we know exactly how you feel.

But when is it no longer worth it to put money into your existing car? While there is no magic formula for answering this question, here are some important things to consider

  • What is the current value of your vehicle?
  • How much is it going to cost you to make your car road worthy?
  • Is your vehicle well-maintained? Have you gotten regular oil changes and tune-ups, maintained proper fluid levels, and replaced worn parts as needed? If you are not the original owner of your vehicle, did the previous owner take good care of it?
  • Is your current vehicle going to be a money pit?
  • Is the vehicle going to be safe and dependable for my family after the repairs are completed? Would I feel ok about driving it on a long distance road trip?
  • Consider age and mileage of your vehicle.
  • Consider the reliability of the make and model of your vehicle. (Consumer Reports provides reports and ratings of vehicle reliability.) Some cars, if well-maintained, can be expected to last until the odometer hits 200,000 miles; other, less reliable brands may be ready to retire after only half that mileage.
  • Will the repairs cost more than the market value of the car? If your car is only worth $3000, it may not make sense to spend $4000 or even $2000 in repairs.
  • How much and how far do you drive and what is your mileage per galon on your current vehicle.
  • Would it make more sense to trade in your current vehicle for a more dependable means of transportation? Would it make sense for you to drive a more gas efficient vehicle?
  • Can you afford to get a newer vehicle and will your budget allow for another monthly payment?
  • How is your credit and what are your options? (Click here to fill out our online credit application)
Trading your car?

Listing your car for sale can be such a hassle. Sure, you may get more money selling your used car instead of trading it in, but realistically, are you available at all hours for people to call you, come and kick the tires, and perhaps take a test drive? You also have to pay a fee on some sites to list your car. If it does not sell, you are out of the money it cost you for the online listing fees. You might also have to deal with disappearing buyers or people who will try to get you to reduce the price. The process of trading your car in saves you a ton of grief and hassle.

The speed with which you sell your used car may determine when you can get a newer vehicle, and that means it’s good to have time on your side. The transaction at Best Buy Motors is fast and simple, and we'll give you a fair offer for your trade.

1) Convenience

  • You will incur no expenses while preparing your vehicle to trade. Trading your car to us eliminates repairing, cleaning and marketing your vehicle. Additionally, it eliminates the need to meet with strangers, schedule test drives, pay for advertisements and other potential legal issues associated with the transfer of ownership.

2) Tax Advantage

  • Did you know that by trading your vehicle in at Best Buy Motors you only have to pay sales tax on the difference between the price of the vehicle you purchase and the one you trade in!


Purchase price of
your vehicle at
Best Buy Motors:

$20,000 X 6% = $1,200
Trade-in allowance:
$15,000 X 6% = ($900)
You only pay:
  • In this example you save $900 by trading your vehicle at Best Buy Motors.

3) We Accept All Makes & Models

  • Best Buy Motors has multiple outlets for cars that average citizens are unable to access. This allows us to quickly accept trades regardless of age, mileage or condition..
Selling your car?

Best Buy Motors will purchase your used vehicle, so that it's not sitting around for months with a “for sale” sign on it. It’s very easy to sell your vehicle to us, and eliminates the headaches of selling a used car yourself. You can get a good price for your used car, leaving you in a better bargaining position when you go to buy a newer vehicle.

If you contact the professionals at Best Buy Motors, you’ll be speaking to some of the most responsible people in the business of buying pre-owned cars. If you’ve sold cars by yourself before, listing them on endless online sites and dealing with phone calls and emails, you’ll be happy to find that this isn’t the only way to get good money for your pre-owned vehicle.

When you want a reliable company to sell your used car to, there's no need to look any further than Best Buy Motors. You’ll let them know some vehicle-specific information about your old ride, and then you’re already on your way to finishing a simple transaction with money in your pocket. The process is simple, convenient and professional, and you’ll be quite happy to have cash instead of that old car.

1) Instant Cash

  • Walk out of our dealership with a stack of cash. Attempting to sell a vehicle on your own can take months or even years while creating unnecessary stress. Why bother? We will buy your car, regardless of condition, the same day you bring it to us.

2) Convenience

  • Selling your car to us eliminates additional expenses like repairing, cleaning and marketing your vehicle. Additionally, it eliminates the need to meet with strangers, schedule test drives, pay for advertisements and other potential legal issues associated with the transfer of ownership. And remember – you don’t need to buy a car from us to sell us your vehicle!

3) We Buy Any Car

  • We have outlets for cars that many average citizens do not. This allows us to quickly purchase cars regardless of age, mileage or condition.